Telegram at the Most popular App

WhatsApp, a proprietary messaging platform owned by Facebook, has changed its privacy policy, prompting many users to switch to other messaging apps. Telegram has benefited the most from WhatsApp ‘s privacy issue. Telegram’s popularity has grown so much that the non-gaming app was at the top of the world’s downloads last month.

According to a report by Censor Tower, a US-based data analytics firm, Telegram was downloaded more than 63 million times in January 2021. India has the highest download rate at 24 percent. The results of the download helped Telegram move from ninth place to the top of the Google Play Store.

According to the report, as of January 2020, it has been downloaded 3.6 times more. Among the countries where telegrams were installed, India was 24 per cent, followed by Indonesia at 10 per cent.

Late last year, WhatsApp introduced new rules, which sparked a heated debate. WhatsApp informed that the messaging app cannot be used without sharing personal information. Although it was later reported due to heated debate, the issue of the new rules is being put on hold for some time. Since then, telegrams have emerged as an alternative.

Another messaging app, Signal and Telegram, both claim to have state-of-the-art ‘end-to-end encryption’ features in their services and can be downloaded for free.

Dissatisfied with WhatsApp’s move to take personal information, electric car maker Tesla founder Elon Musk has urged social media users around the world to use the signal. The price of the app increased six times in the US stock market in one day after Mask was advised on January 8.

why most popular telegram?

Telegram was created with a view to challenging the primacy of WhatsApp. It differs from the latter in allowing users to access accounts from multiple devices. Its makers also claim that its multi-data centre infrastructure and encryption makes it more secure than its Facebook-owned rival.

We saw this in 2013 when surveillance fears were raised around Kakao Talk in South Korea, and again in 2019 during the Hong Kong protests against the Chinese government. Belarus is the latest hotspot where Telegram has proven essential in 2020.

Telegram reported in April 2020 that it was logging 1.5 million new users daily. It added that it was the most-downloaded social app in 20 markets globally.

2020 has seen users turning to Telegram in large volumes. It features in the top-10 most-downloaded apps globally in both Q2 and Q3 (ninth, specifically), in Sensor Tower data. In the former it logged nearly 80 million downloads, and in the latter a little over 80 million. This suggests there is a real appetite among a solid contingent users for an alternative to Facebook’s ubiquitous offerings.

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I am a Bangladeshi journalist and blogger. I complete my graduation From Stamford University of Bangladesh in journalism and media studies.

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Gazi Md Rasel

Gazi Md Rasel

I am a Bangladeshi journalist and blogger. I complete my graduation From Stamford University of Bangladesh in journalism and media studies.

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